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The project 

H-WORK intends to create, apply and test a multi-level estimation and intervention instrument in order to promote mental health in public organisations and SMEs.

Male and female doctors working on reports in medical office.
The method

H-WORK evaluates the outcomes of applied methods and offer proposals to employers, health professionals and policymakers


H-WORK develops protocols dedicated to the evaluation of psychosocial risk factors in the workplace

The platform

H-WORK creates a platform that includes advanced digital services and facilitates the dissemination of the project solutions across the EU

Work is generally a protective factor for individuals but it can become a risk factor affecting the mental health and well-being of people. Fragmented efforts focusing on organizational change, wellness and stress reduction are tried out in various organizations. H-WORK will develop, implement and test an integrated and innovative model of interventions at individual, team and organizational level.

Prof. Luca Pietrantoni

project coordinator


H-WORK consortium brings together broad multi-disciplinary expertise that unites the leading knowledge in the field of occupational health, methodology, policy development
and communication, while at the same time provides additional expertise in advanced
technologies and innovation.


Our latest news 

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European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology Congress

10-14 January 2022: Glasgow, European Association of Work and Organisational Psychology Congress (more…)

17th European Congress of Psychology

5-8 July 2022: Ljubljana, European Congress of Psychology (more…)

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