The H-WORK Innovation Platform, named the “Mental-health-at-Work Platform”, leverages the collective knowledge from various Work Packages within the H-WORK project. These encompass the creation of the Assessment Toolkit, Intervention Toolkit, and Evaluation Toolkit, along with the development of communication, dissemination, and policy recommendations activities.

The primary goal of the Platform is to enhance mental health in workplaces across Europe by guiding key decision-makers, such as employers, managers, occupational health and safety and human resources professionals, in effectively promoting the mental well-being of their workforce. This is accomplished through the provision of assessment, intervention, and evaluation interactive tools, as well as offering policy briefs and economic calculation solutions for mental health interventions.

It comprises three main sections:

1) The Interactive tools

The three tools are accessible with a simple login, where users need to provide their email address to receive a personal code. Access to the tools is free, and no personal data is collected. The login is designed solely for the purpose of saving the users’ answers.

2) The H-WORK Roadmap

The H-WORK Roadmap assists users with the intervention processes from start to finish thus assessing the needs through the intervention selection and design as well as with the implementation and evaluation.


Do you want to take action on mental health and well-being in your organisation? Have a look at the H-WORK Roadmap!

Step 1:
Prepare the ground
Setting up a team and communicating your mental health intervention project.
Step 2:
Prioritise the needs
Identifying opportunities at different levels of the organisation for improving mental health in the workplace.
Step 3:
Plan the actions
Engaging stakeholders and developing an action plan.
Step 4:
Actions into practice
Implementing mental health interventions.
Step 5:
Keep track
Monitoring how well the interventions are going and employees’ feedback.
Step 6:
Sustain the progress
Ensuring employees’ adoption of learning on the job.
Step 7:
Measure success
Collecting data before, during and after the interventions to evaluate mental health and well-being improvements.

3) The Policy Briefs

The Policy Briefs are where managers can find the latest recommendations and requirements for best practices concerning mental health promotion in the workplace.

Making room for Mental Health: Recommendations from Psychologists to Managers

This briefing proposes several practical recommendations for action to effectuate a “mentally healthy” work environment, based on the H-WORK outcomes.

Recommendations on Digital Interventions for Employee Wellbeing and Teamwork
This Policy Brief provides occupational health practitioners, HR directors, and managers of SMEs and public organisations with recommendations on digital-based interventions to improve employee wellbeing and teamwork.
Selecting Interventions based on Workers’ Needs: Why and how to ensure Participation.
This policy brief is intended for Human Resources and Occupational Health professionals, managers, and union representatives, and introduces the importance of promoting and protecting mental health in the workplace through workplace Interventions.
Mental Health and Wellbeing in Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs)

This policy brief summarises the barriers and opportunities of introducing workplace mental health and wellbeing interventions to SMEs. It also sets out a number of recommendations relevant to policymakers, Occupational Health Service (OHS) professionals and owners/operators of SMEs.

Improving workplace mental health: The role of EU policy makers
Building on the outcomes of the H-WORK project, this policy brief provides EU-level policymakers with concrete recommendations to foster mentally healthy work environments and facilitate cooperation between EU Member States and relevant stakeholders.