D 7.2

Project website,
social media channels

This deliverable reports the published project website (, along with the planned and already set up social media channels.

D 1.1

H-WORK Handbook
and Quality Plan

This deliverable consists of the H-WORK Handbook and Quality Plan. The purpose of the Project Handbook will be to provide the consortium with a brief document which gives a clear picture of the work to be done in the H-WORK project, thus ensuring smooth flow of all planned activities and timely elaboration of deliverables. Partners will also be able to use it for dissemination purposes as it provides a thorough description of what the H-WORK project is and what it wants to achieve.

D 6.2

H-WORK Innovation Platform

This deliverable contains the H-WORK Innovation Platform which includes mainly three H-WORK products: Toolkits, Benchmarking Calculator and Decision Support System.

D 7.5

Policy briefs and recommendations for health professionals and policy makers

This deliverable contains policy briefs and recommendations for employers, health professionals, national and the EU policy makers.