How to promote mental health in SMEs and public sector?

H-WORK project has the purpose of designing, implementing and validating effective multi-level assessment and intervention toolkits, evaluating individual and organisational outcomes of the adopted measures and provide further innovative products and services. The aim is to effectively promote mental health, along with policy recommendations for employers, occupational health professionals and policy makers.

In particular, the main project actions concern the development of a protocol dedicated to the evaluation of psychosocial risk factors in the workplace; testing the effectiveness of a set of multi-level interventions and developing a protocol able to verify the procedural aspects of the interventions and the economic impact on the life of the organization involved.

The project intends to develop an innovative platform that will provide as digital tools the Benchmarking Calculator (H-BC) and the Decision Support System (H-DSS). The former, based on an algorithm of comparison between organizations belonging to the same sector, will be able to provide information to organizations on mental health and well-being of their employees compared to national and/or European estimates. The second one will support organisations in identifying the most appropriate health promotion interventions within their system. The platform will facilitate the dissemination and adoption of practices increasingly aimed at the well-being of workers and the health of organisations.