Calm through the crisis: the initiative from HelloBetter

The Corona crisis is taking a lot out of all of us. Many of us feel tense, worried, anxious or experience low mood due to the coronavirus crisis and its consequences. The initiative Calm through the crisis from HelloBetter helps people to strengthen their mental health during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Calm through the crisis: what is it

In March countries across Europe introduced restrictions on public life to limit the spread of the coronavirus. The crisis continues to have a defining impact on our lives, upending our reality and throwing us off our usual course. We are witnessing significant social upheaval, and we are all personally affected in many different ways.

Many of us are finding life difficult under the measures brought in by politicians and health authorities to try to contain the pandemic. We are worried about our loved ones and ourselves, and may be having trouble coping with the situation.

We find ourselves overwhelmed with questions. How dangerous is the virus for me or my loved ones? What’s happening with my finances, my job or my business? How can I organise care for my children and other family members, and how will social isolation impact us psychologically? Whether it’s wearing a face mask, keeping my distance or limiting social contact, how can I manage my fear of being infected?

These questions give rise to stress and anxiety. For people with mental health issues, they can make existing symptoms worse. But the current situation also poses huge challenges for people who have never had mental health problems before. We can expect to see an increase in the number of people needing psychological support and therapy.

HelloBetter offers you a range of free services to provide you with professional psychological support in this difficult time.


Corona online course

This eight-week coronavirus stress management course has been specifically adapted to the challenges of the current crisis. It will help people learn to cope with the stress, worries and fears associated with the coronavirus and teach you how to care for your own psychological wellbeing.

The course will strengthen your ability to cope with specific individual problems. At the same time, it will give you new perspectives on the difficult feelings that may arise in relation to the current situation.

This stress management training course is the best evaluated course of its kind worldwide. It offers an excellent basis for coping with the current crisis. You can start your free online course here.


Online mediathek

In the online mediathek it’s possible to find articles and videos from psychologists and psychotherapists that present coping strategies and support mechanisms that can help deal with the fallout of the Corona crisis.


Let’s help each other stay #calmthroughthecrisis together. Take care and stay healthy!