Kick-off for H-WORK’s spin-off project about e-learning

by the NTNU team

An H-WORK spin-off project with the working title e-H-WORK has officially started. The aim is to develop and test e-learning tools, mainly for managers and HR personnel who want to learn more about multilevel interventions to promote mental health and well-being for employees in small and medium-sized enterprises and the public sector. The content of the e-learning tools will be based on knowledge and results from H-WORK, meaning that this is a great opportunity to disseminate and practically benefit from the H-WORK project. As a first step, a digital kick-off meeting for e-H-WORK was held on June 24th, 2021. The e-H-WORK project leaders from the NTNU used the opportunity to inform about the frames and plans of the project, as well as to discuss creative ideas with H-WORK project leaders and work package leaders responsible for developing the H-WORK toolkits (UNIBO, UVA, USFD, and NTNU). Everyone expressed great enthusiasm to participate in this work.

Supplementary funding for Horizon 2020 projects

NTNU received 1 million nok (approx. 100.000 euro) for this spin-off project from the Research Council of Norway who has a program for supplementary funding for Horizon 2020 projects. The purpose of the funding is to increase the impact of Norway’s participation in Horizon 2020 projects for society. The funding covers activities that builds on the existing project and are not already covered by the funding from the EU.


e-H-WORK will offer learning videos about topics such as the Job Demands-Resources Model, the IGLO model and implementation processes, as well as instructional videos for the H-WORK toolkits for assessment, interventions, and evaluation. Podcasts, exercises, and tasks are also among the plans, and this will altogether form a massive open online course (MOOC). The basis of this MOOC will be an e-learning course, mainly targeted at managers and HR personnel. This will be a guide through the different phases of an intervention process – from preparations to evaluation. As this is a MOOC, the materials will also be accessible for researchers, students, practitioners, employees, policy makers or others with interests in this subject. The project lasts for two years and will involve different partners from the H-WORK consortium with expertise and perspectives from both theory and practice on multi-level interventions and related subjects.