First results of the individual coaching at Technische Universität Braunschweig

by Lilly Werk & Beate Muschalla, Technische Universität Braunschweig

In 2021, 50 employees of the public university Technische Universität Braunschweig took part in the individual coaching. 34 women and 16 men brought a wide variety of topics to the coaching sessions.

Individual needs and work life balance

For 33 participants, the focus was on individual topics. Most frequently, we addressed the reflection and improvement of one’s own work structure. In addition, there were questions of professional career development, the design of newly created jobs or leadership roles. Additional challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic were also described and dealt with, in which we discussed the compatibility of family and work or the design of health protection measures. Often, the focus was on how to best deal with the realities of everyday work, including shift work, staff shortages, or even health impairments.

Social interaction in the workplace and digital communication channels

In 17 coaching processes, the main focus was on the challenges of social interaction in the workplace. Communication difficulties with managers, colleagues or within the team were evident in a wide variety of workplaces. In jobs with passenger traffic, we discussed how to deal with customers or clients in direct contact, by e-mail or on phone. Due to the new, mainly digital communication channels during the pandemic, new questions have arisen that we have to face in everyday life.

Personalised exercises for each worker

With each individual participant, we conducted personalised exercises. From the creation of weekly plans and calendar pages (in 52% of the cases), to role-playing challenging conversation situations (34%), to relaxation exercises (10%) and planning the well-deserved end of the day (4%), everything was included several times.

A coaching that contributes to wellbeing at work

Thanks to the lively participation of a wide range of TUB employees, the study can now be used to investigate whether such coaching can be helpful in coping with work-related topics, which problems are frequently encountered in which professions, and how we can all make our contribution to a high level of wellbeing at work.


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