Reviving connections and celebrating success: the H-WORK Project Meeting in Valencia

by Unibo team

The H-WORK project team gathered in Valencia on the 2nd and 3rd of March, and this outstanding meeting was made possible thanks to the incredible work of VALORA, the hosting partner (a big thank you again, Francisco and Maria!).

For many partners from across Europe, it was the first time they could reunite after more than three years due to the pandemic. During this in-person meeting, they shared updates, results, and milestones achieved, planned the next steps, and celebrated the H-WORK project’s “babies” that had been born so far. It was a beautiful moment when they embraced each other after such a long time apart.

Project Meeting Photogallery

Photos by Eric Van Uytven

The team rejoiced in the remarkable results achieved so far, with special recognition given to the development and validation of the H-WORK Toolkits for diagnosing psychosocial risks in the workplace (HAT protocol), the implementation of multilevel interventions that were tested and validated in ten European intervention sites (HIT protocol), and the process and effect evaluation of the interventions that were implemented (HET protocol).

During the meeting, the project team had the opportunity to explore the full range of functions and interactive tools available in the H-WORK Innovation Platform.

This platform serves as a valuable resource for managers, CEOs, HR, and practitioners who can exchange ideas, gain a deeper understanding of their work environment, and learn about the tools and actions they can take to promote mental health in the workplace. The platform also offers access to the H-WORK Roadmap, as well as policy briefs and recommendations, which can guide end-users in creating a healthy work environment.

The Consortium also planned the next activities, taking into account numerous events such as SIOP in Boston, EAWOP in Katowice, and ECP in Brighton. Moreover, it was an opportunity to start planning some aspects of the H-WORK Final Event, which will take place in Bologna towards the end of September 2023. Stay tuned!

However, the most exciting aspect of the meeting was seeing junior and senior researchers, consultants, and our policy-makers experts come together, sharing great conversations, enjoying time together at the restaurant and taking walks through the centre of Valencia.

It was an incredible experience to witness the power of collaboration and the enthusiasm of the team towards the project’s success and progresses.

Overall, the H-WORK project’s in-person meeting in Valencia was a resounding success, and everyone left feeling re-energized and ready to tackle the next steps of the project. With such a passionate team and robust tools at their disposal, we can only anticipate that the last phase of the project looks incredibly bright.